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Lira's Super Market, Rio VistaLIRA'S SUPER MARKET

Lira's Super Market, a cornerstone of the Rio Vista community, has been serving residents of the city well for the past 15 years.  Not only does it provide all of the necessary daily staples and perishables, it provides a comfortable atmosphere where one can engage in a friendly chat with neighbors and friends who happen along.  President and founder, Jim Lira, has worked long and hard at making the business the success that it is today.  Having begun work in the market in 1965 when it was the Don Quick chain, Jim gained the knowledge and experience in all levels of the business.  After 25 years he and his partner, Bill Dutra, bid on and won the store at auction as the struggling Don Quick folded.  Working along side Jim are his two children, Mike Lira and Christine Farrell, and their spouses, Lynnda Lira and Corey Farrell.  One can truly say this is a family operation in all respects.  With service being paramount, items for sale have increased over the years to meet the customers' needs.  While the current shelf space is limited, Jim plans to expand the market to three times its current size.


Braid's Home Furnishings, Rio VistaBRAID'S HOME FURNISHINGS


Braids Home Furnishings located at 321 Main Street, was founded by Romildo "Braid" Pezzaglia in 1938. His name Braid was coined by a childhood friend who in his attempt to call him brother called him braider instead. The name, later shortened to Braid, stuck throughout his life. One of seven children, Braid was born and raised in Rio Vista, graduated from high school and began his sales career at J Stern & Co, a large general merchandise store on Main St. where he became the Appliance Manager. He decided to venture out on his own in September, 1938 and Braids Appliance Shop was born. In 1939, he contracted for the current two story structure to be built in its current location. The store housed on the main floor supported a residence for the owner above. Braid and his family resided above the store until 1948 when he and his wife Josephine moved their family into a single family residence. Over the years the appliance business expanded to include bedroom sets, sofas, chairs, mattresses and kitchen tables as well as window and floor coverings. The business has always been family operated.  In the 1970s Braids son Lawrence joined the company.  Not long after, in 1977, Braid passed away. After over 70 years, the store closed its doors and no longer operates today.  However, the building remains with its signage reflecting the location of the store.  Another store is currently occupying the space.   


Bank of Rio Vista BANK OF RIO VISTA

The Bank of Rio Vista was founded on April 9, 1804 when local citizens met and unanimously agreed a local bank was needed.  Stock was sold at $50 a share until $50,000 was raised.  Officers were elected and a charter officially issued April 12, 1804.  Property purchased at 227 Main and contractor Weston Campbell constructed the building.  The doors opened in October, 1804 providing citizens with checking accounts, safe deposit boxes, money orders and savings accounts.  In 1821 the bank bought out First National, a competor and subsequently moved to Front and Main where their competitor had been.  This has been the home of the Bank of Rio Vista ever since.