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How much are the Homeowner dues in Trilogy? 

There are five associations in Trilogy, Village I, Oakmont, Riviera and Olympic and Saddle Rock, the latest.  The dues vary slightly between them.  They are approximately $131 a month.  They have increased very slowly over time.  They began at $98 a month in 1996.

What do the HOA (homeowner association) dues cover?

The dues cover the maintenance of the streets and common landscaping, the use of the Vista Club with the indoor swimming pool, gym, walking track and pool room plus the Delta Clubhouse with the library and outdoor swimming pool.  The dues also cover the management company, Action Property Management and the 24 hour gate sentry.  The dues do not cover the maintenance of the golf course or the fees for playing.

                                          Delta pool

How much are the property taxes in Trilogy?

Taxes are approximately 1.1 percent of the purchase price.  However, when the City realized that a new wastewater treatment plant was needed, an assessment bond was placed on the property taxes for homes built from 2005 forward.  The bond is initially $685 a year for 30 years.   On new homes being built today the assessment has been increased to also include police and fire for a total of $1335 a year.

Can children live in Trilogy?  

No, Trilogy is an adult community.  One person in the household must be 55 years of age.  A second person must be at least 45 years of age.  There are special exceptions. 

Can children use the pools? 

Yes, from 11 to 3 p.m.  They must be accompanied by the homeowner.

Who are the Kare Bears?

The Kare Bears are volunteers who will come to your aid should you request assistance.  Each home has a "flash" switch which allows the homeowner to put the outside lights in flashing mode.  The flashing mode summons the Kare Bears.

What is the crime rate?

The crime rate in Trilogy is very low.  The community is gated and only residents have gate openers.  Someone is at the gate 24 hours a day recording each vehicle that enters.

Is soliciting allowed? 

No, one cannot go door to door canvassing or soliciting.

Where are the nearest hospitals?

Hospitals are in Lodi, Antioch, Vacaville, Fairfield.  Kaiser is nearby and North Bay which is part of Sutter.  

Is there bus service in Rio Vista?

There is the Delta Breeze which goes to a different neighboring town each day of the week and throughout Rio Vista during the day.  One can catch the Delta Breeze in front of the Vista Clubhouse.  One can schedule a trip to Bailey Rd BART in Pittsburg and go from there to San Francisco or wherever BART travels.

How many pets can one household have? 

Two four legged pets.  Birds and fish don't count.

Is there RV parking available?

Yes, there are two storage locations outside of Trilogy within a mile where one can rent a space to park an RV.  Boats and RVs cannot be stored on the grounds of Trilogy or in garages.

Is flood insurance required? 

No, Rio Vista is on the mainland, not an island.  Generally flood insurance is not required.  There may be a rare exception. 

*quote from former school teacher

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